Friday, May 10, 2013

The Case Against Celebrating a Separate Birth Mothers' Day

There is a movement afoot to celebrate “Birth Mothers’ Day” on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. There is something unsettling about the prospect of celebrating such a day.

There is no doubt that the proponents of “Birth Mothers’ Day” do so out of love and respect for birth mothers.

However by creating a separate day for birth mothers, we inadvertently communicate that birth mothers are not “real” mothers. Think about it. We don’t celebrate stepmother day, adoptive mother day, biological mother day, in-vitro mother day, aunt who was like a mother day, neighbor lady who loved all the kids day, etc. etc. etc. Instead, there is one day, for Mothers of all kinds. We celebrate women who made sure we were safe, and loved, and cared for – and in many cases – brought us life.

And so, what have these birth mother’s done for their children? They made sure their children were safe, loved, cared for, and brought them life. The solution? Recognize and acknowledge that when a woman makes an adoption plan, she is fulfilling her responsibilities as a loving mother.

“Mothers’ Day” is big enough to celebrate all of the women whose love and sacrifice contributed to creating, raising, and loving each child.